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one year photojournalism
two years commercial photography
one year commercial photography
The two-year course in commercial photography & DSLR Flimmaking is a comprehensive program that not only empowers the students with cutting-edge professional skills in all aspects of commercial photography & filmmaking, but also orients the students to fine arts and its aesthetics, as well as to emerging technologies and new visual mediums. The content of the course is a unique initiative with a holistic approach to commercial  photography, combining art and state-of the-art technology. At Udaan we don't like to create just technicians, but artistic craftsmen with their own style and flair. And a team of leading, award winning professional photographers, each a specialist in his or her own field will guide the students through this two-year long journey and beyond.


The uniqueness of the two-year course lies in its ability to combine photography and video and fine-art with  state-of-the-art technology. While on one hand the students get oriented to the sensibilities of fine-art and painting, on the other the students get trained with the latest photography and video equipment, editing softwares and lights & lighting in the large studios of Udaan, in the heart of Mumbai.

To cope with the challenges of the emerging market, the students are taken beyond still imagery and given an in-depth training in videography as well (including editing and audio), so that not only the students can shoot for print media campaigns but can also shoot TVCs, music videos and corporate films.  And along with empowering the students with technical and artistic skills, the students are also oriented to the legal and financial aspects of the industry,  including practical knowledge of assisting a mentor or running one's own show, to handling business and people. 

During the course the students get to regularly work and learn from not just professional photographers , filmmakers & cinematographers, but also from a host of other professionals like artists, painters, food stylists, models, make-up artists, editors, music directors, writers, etc. A comprehensive computer lab and a library are at the disposal of the students.

The unmatched faculty of  Udaan consists of  Tarun Vachhar, Anuja Jain, Dilip Yande, Bharat Mirchandani, Sheldon Periera, Saurabh Dhowan, Ritam Banerjee, Aman Sharma,  Bharat Lakhani, Srivats Kulkarni, Parag Deshmukh, Javed Sayyed, Tathagata Chowdhury. Tunali Mukherjee, and Arko Datta. This is apart from several guest faculty and speakers comprising of leading photographers, filmmakers, cinematographers, audio artists, art directors, artists etc. Click here to learn more about our faculty.

The two-year-course in Commercial Photography & Filmmaking truly equips the students to face and overcome the challenges of the professional world. To become an ace photographer & filmmaker.

The course begins in Mumbai from 9th September 2019.



a) Introduction to photography
b) Understanding photography as a profession.
c) Introduction to Art
d) History of Photography & contemporary practices
e) Fundamentals of Photography
f) Understanding digital photography workflow
g) Basic photo editing (Photoshop)
h) Understanding light & portraiture - editorial, studio/commercial, fine art etc
i) Understanding flash photography.
j) Working in a studio Understanding studio strobes and light modifiers.
h) Basic videography



a) People photography 
b) Still life & product photography
c) Architecture & spaces
d) Food & Beverages Photography
e) Fashion photography
f) Photo Editing (Photoshop)


a) Digitial Filmmaking 
Understanding Pre production/production/post production
Script writing, storyboaring, casting, location scouting etc
Direction and working with actorss
Understanding cinematography
Lights and lighting 
Working with sliders and stabilizers
SFX (including cloning, green screen, slow motion etc)
Sound recording (on location and in studio)
Making TVCs, Music Videos, Fashion films, short films, Corporate Films etc
Titling and sub titling 
Colour correction & colour grading 
Sound design 
The program shall include high end VFX like, Chroma Keying,
Cloning, 3D motion tracking, Time remapping (slow & fast motion),
Time Slice (see video below) and many more..




b) Fashion Photography - part 2  
c) Business of photography
d) Portfolio development

The course shall end with an exhibition of student's work

* includes annual holidays for Diwali and Christmas.


The experienced faculty of Udaan brings to table, a melting pot of ideas and creativity that will enrich the student’s pursuit of photography.
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"Udaan" as the name suggests was an important tool in shaping the creative minds of all those who has the passion and zest for photography...Nisreen

"I finally found Udaan where I felt I can place my best bets with...Annoda

"Udaan: Great institute for Photography enthusiast, the place and it's course get even better...Hetal Prajodh

"I enjoyed the course immensely for a number of reasons...Rohan

"It is a perfect place to learn photography, especially if you are passionate about pursuing it as a career...Ishaaq Petiwala
The answer is simple. It’s one of the biggest in India and perhaps the biggest
in Mumbai with a premise of over 10,000 square feet area, solely dedicated to photography. The regular faculty is vast
and comprises award winning photographers, including India’s first ever Pulitzer Prize nominee in Photography.
Added to it there have been many a
legend who have been visiting faculty
and guest speakers at Udaan. And most importantly the list of Udaan’s notable alumni is long and impressive.
Something we are very proud of....
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