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Anushree Fadnavis
One Year Programme in Photojournalism, 2012-13

Anushree was an engineer before she decided to take the plunge into photography and joined Udaan's One-year programme in Photojournalism.  Today,  she is a photojournalist with the news agency Indus Images in Mumbai. Anushree's personal work from the ladies compartment called '#traindiaries' , where she documents the daily lives of the women commuters around her along with her own personal / visual experiences, has been featured on  publications such as  BBC , Katha Collective, Scroll, HT , Homegrown , The Indian Express , Creative Image magazine and many more. Her work on the trans genders travelling in the local train in Mumbai was also published by Arts Illustrated magazine.

She was also selected for the FRESH EYES - International Artists Rethink Aarhus residency program during which she was invited to visit Aarhus, Denmark for a month (June 2016) by ‘Galleri Image’ based out of Aarhus. She has worked briefly  with DNA newspaper at their Mumbai bureau . She was also commissioned assignments from BBC India , The Guardian , Open Magazine, Arts Illustrated magazine and others. She was also iunvited to deliver a talk in TedX.

She has worked on a part of the project in Mumbai for the National Film Board of Canada. She was also a finalist in 'Cover Shot', a Nat Geo TV Show                                                     

Vikas Sharma
One-year Programme in Commercial Photography, 2011-12
Vikas has a special place in Udaan. He was the first ever student to enroll for Udaan's professional photography course in its inaugural year. He was not only a hardworking, meritorious student, but his ever smiling, pleasing persona made him liked by all.

And this combination has paid off, as he is now a successful commercial photographer, specializing in Products, Food & Beverages. In as very short span he has got a long list of clientele, that includes ITC Maratha, Femina, Pillsbury, Nilon’s, Indigo Delicatessen, Curocarte and Doolally, to name a few of the many. His images have adorned print media as well as billboards across the city. Recently, his work was featured by ‘Smart Photography’magazine.
Shailesh Andrade
One Year Programme in Photojournalism, 2011-12
Shailesh’s story is truly inspiring.
He was a successful businessman, but a short tryst with photography became a life changing passion for him. Absolving all his business responsibilities, he took an irreversible plunge into professional photography and joined the One Year programme in photojournalism at Udaan. His intense level of hard work and dedication has become legendry in Udaan, especially as the editor of the students newspaper “Mumbai Weekly”. He has singularly set very high standards for the students to follow and emulate in the subsequent years, a tough task indeed !  No wonder with such passion and skills in shooting and editing, despite hundreds of applications, Shailesh was the natural choice for the much sought after photojournalist’s position at ‘Reuters’, one of the biggest news and picture agency of the world.

Since getting the coveted job, he has shot a variety of news, business and top sports events for Reuters, which has seen ink in most of the leading newspapers & magazines of the world.

Supriya Sundaresan
One-year Programme in Commercial Photography, 2013-14
Supriya is hard-working, disciplined and conscientious.  Her astounding hundred percent attendance at Udaan says it all. Definitely, a feat that can’t be surpassed. Though of a quiet demeanour, her brilliant work speaks out loud with her topping several modules during the course.

Currently she is working as a photographer at ‘Crownit’. She is also branching out into cinematography and at present is working on a short film

Pratham Gokhale
One Year Programme in Photojournalism, 2011-12
Pratham is motivation personified. His focus and level of hard work was inspiring even for the faculty. No wonder he topped the Photojournalism course for the year 2011-12, amid tough competition from the rest.

He got his first job as a photojournalist in DNA newspaper and at present is a full time photojournalist with national daily  ‘The Hindustan Times’.

Francis Mascarenhas
One Year Programme in Photojournalism, 2012-13
Francis is as aggressive and sharp with the camera as he is quiet & soft spoken without it.

He is hard working, disciplined and a brilliant shooter.  It’s a pleasure to work with him, both on a professional and personal front. At present, Francis is the Chief Photographer at Indus Images and leads a team of talented photojournalists. His work has been featured in various publications like BBC, Open Magazine, Deccan Chronicle, New Indian Express, Mumbai Mirror, Hindustan Times, Rock Street Journal, Business Standard and is equally adept with photography and video (shooting and editing).

And he loves sports photography too.  
Sri Manikandan
One-year Programme in Commercial Photography, 2012-13
Always seen with a sweet smile and camera. 
After the course he started working from his hometown Chennai and is now a regular shooter for the prestigious magazine Forbes !  He got his first Forbes cover right after the course. No mean feat!
Souradeep Roy
One Year Programme in Photojournalism, 2013-14

There is something about our toppers !  They are quiet, disciplined and well mannered, but aggressive, focused and extremely hardworking when it comes to photography. That’s exactly Souradeep. His quality of shooting and sense of responsibility stood out during the course, easily making him the topper of the photojournalism class for the year 2013-14.

And these same traits not only got him his first job at ‘Asian Photography’ rather easily, but also got him a lot of appreciation. He has travelled in and out of India, during the course of his work..

Nivedita Nandi
One-year Programme in Commercial Photography, 2011-12
Passionate and emotional about Photography. If her work fails to meet her own expectations, it could bring her to tears. She is now a professional commercial photographer, specialising in ‘baby photography’
Kartik Avatani
One Year Programme in Photojournalism, 2014-15
That Kartik would top the photojournalism class for 2014-15 was almost a given. His aspirations and intense focus, could be seen in his eyes. And it has only intensified with time. Kartik is a keen learner, hungry for knowledge and self-improvement. He is a visual artist, mastering both video and photography and can spend hours editing his videos. And the result is usually ‘visual poetry’. It’s said by his peers, that whoever works with him once, wants to keep on working with him, for his quality of work, professionalism and for his charming persona !

He was for long the official photographer for the blog run by actor Anil Kapoor and his actor daughter Sonam Kapoor.

Apart from photography, Kartik is keen to hone his skills in cinematography.

Sneha Kharabe
One Year Programme in Photojournalism, 2014-15
As a student, Sneha was well mannered, polite and always eager to learn.  At present she is a full-time photojournalist with ‘Mid-Day’, a  Mumbai based tabloid.
Nidhi Kashyap
One-year Programme in Commercial Photography, 2011-12
Nidhi was the livewire of her classand of Udaan ! 
Dynamic, cheerful, energetic and articulate, Nidhi had the required attitude to succeed. After the course she went onto become a very successful wedding photographer, hardly getting any free time. Even her classmates at Udaan, were in awe of her calibre to handle clients. Combined with her photographic ability, she is a girl meant to go places.
Pratik Chorge
One Year Programme in Photojournalism, 2014-15
Introvert and shy, but a natural with the camera during the course.  And now the talented photographer has become a prolific shooter at “The Hindustan Times’, Mumbai, where he is employed as full time photojournalist. Every other day his byline can be seen under an eye-catching picture. Clearly evident that he is thoroughly enjoying his work.
Dhavall Kamrejwala 
One-year Programme in Commercial Photography, 2011-12
Dhavall has made a smooth transition from being a student to being a professional. He is successful commercial photographer and has done some amazing large-scale automobile photography of absolutely high end cars, apart brilliant work in product photography.  He has made a long journey in a very short time. A revelation !
Sandeep Dhopate
One-year Programme in Commercial Photography, 2011-12
Sandeep’s strength lies in his unending drive to excel and the ability to keep himself constantly motivated. During the course at Udaan and even more so later, Sandeep has pushed the boundaries of creativity, always experimenting and trying out new things. This is what earned him the “Director’s Award” at Udaan.

Sandeep’s recent work explore the intersections between religion, spirituality and sexuality often questioning our current moral values system established through a mass blind acceptance of a generalised truth. His approach towards staged portraiture creates a tension between what is real and what is fiction. The unconventional, avant-garde work by Sandeep is a must see.   Nowadays, when every second millions are picture are being shot, most of them repetitive, Sandeep has managed to create completely unique and unseen imagery.

Recipient of several awards, Sandeep has regularly displayed his work at exhibitions and photo festivals both in India and internationally.

Baldeep S Khokher
One-year Programme in Commercial Photography, 2011-12
Eternally smiling and spreading cheer, Baldeep is a lot of fun, but at the same time he never took his  goal and his education lightly. Today he works in Google Business Photos.
Rishab Khetpalia
One-year Programme in Commercial Photography, 2013-14
Quite oft, Rishab’s architecture photography mentor at the end of his class, would be walk out impressed by Rishab’s work. “Watch this boy”, would be the admiring opinion given by him to other faculty members. And looking at Rishab’s portfolio, it seems he is living up to the expectations.
Satyabrata Tripathy
One Year Programme in Photojournalism, 2014-15
Definitely he belongs to the club of shooters, who do their talking through their camera. Shy and reserved, Satyabrata is also a brilliant shooter and a prolific one at that. At present, Satybrata is working in ‘The Hindustan Times’, along with colleagues Pratik and Pratham.
Saurabh Dhowan
One-year Programme in Commercial Photography, 2012-13
Armed with a sweet smile and a camera, Saurabh believes that pictures reflect a photographer’s personality.  While doing the course at Udaan, he was a brilliant student as well as a good sportsperson, winning the “Sportsperson of the Year” title. After completing his Commercial Photography course, Saurabh went on to specialise in product, food and architectural photography. And his images show his finesse and mastery over light and composition.
Poonam Bhathija
One Year Programme in Photojournalism, 2015-16

During the photojournalism course, Poonam stood her ground, matching the boys, assignment by assignment. And after the course she is doing the same, shooting for an entertainment company, matching the seasoned professionals in the highly competitive area of entertainment coverage.
Aditya Sapre
One-year Programme in Commercial Photography, 2012-13
After the course, Aditya started 8BITS, a commercial photography venture along with his  Udaan classmate Malcolm Dsouza. Together, they have produced some brilliant work for their clients, ranging from people, food to architecture & product photography. There fashion photography work was featured over several pages in Femina.
Abhishek Bhanushali
One-year Programme in Commercial Photography, 2013-14
A dilligent student during his learning days at Udaan, today Abhishekh is the co-founder of Acara.
Biplov Bhuyan
One Year Programme in Photojournalism, 2012-13
A natural with his compositions, Biplov is  a photojournalist with Indus Images.
Arkadripta Chakraborty
One Year Programme in Photojournalism, 2011-12
Truly passionate about documentary photography and has a very good understanding about the medium. His work has been displayed by several well known  online and offline publications across the world, including getting showcased at the prestigious Delhi Photo Festival. He was also awarded the 'India Habitat' Scholarship.
Mithila Joshi
One Year Programme in Photojournalism, 2012-13
Perky and inquisitive, Mithila is good with both photos and video. At present she is working with Flamingo Mumbai, a creative branding company.
Roy Gourav
One-year Programme in Commercial Photography, 2012-13
Ever enthusiastic and with twinkling eyes, Roy was a man with a mission during his course days at Udaan. Today he is equally adept with photography and video and is a partner at 'Gated Records'
Ashish Vaishnav
One Year Programme in Photojournalism, 2012-13
While studying at Udaan, Ashish captured interesting slices of life for 'Mumbai Weekly', an online newspaper run by students of Udaan. And now he is continuing the same as a photojournalist with Indus Images.
Nithin Francis John
One Year Programme in Photojournalism, 2015-16
Conscientious, disciplined and well mannered, Nithin was a dedicated student and gave his best for each and every assignment that he did during the course, be it news, documentary, sports or videos. He is particularly good in video editing and is right now editing exciting sports videos at a production company, apart from doing his own shooting.
Twisha Deb
One Year Programme in Photojournalism, 2011-12
A thinking person, Twish is a  documentary photographer at heart. Unconventional and eternally challenging the status quo in her thoughts and through her photography. Her favourite medium is black & white and has produced many thought provoking photo essays. 
K Sathya Keerthi
One Year Programme in Photojournalism, 2011-12
Perhaps the most shy and silent student ever.....and the gentlest !
And these traits made the people he photographed, connect with him, trust him easily, allowing him to enter their personal spaces. It showed in his photographs.
Today he is a photojournalist with the "New Indian Express' in Hyderabad.
Fariha Farooqui
One Year Programme in Photojournalism, 2013-14
Always seen with a sweet smile, today Fariha is a photojournalist, toughened by her work. At present she shoots for national daily 'The Hindu'. She had earlier worked for DNA newpaper. 
Shankar Narayanan
One Year Programme in Photojournalism, 2011-12
Shankar's thought provoking pictures evoked a lot of appreciation from the viewer's of Mumbai Weekly. The images still lie embedded
in the minds of the faculty at Udaan. At present he shoots for 'The New Indian Express' at Coimbatore.
Piyush Singh
One-year Programme in Commercial Photography, 2012-13
Piyush is good both with the camera and the table tennis racket. He specialises in food photography and has conducted several workshops on the subject.
Mrinmoy Choudhury
One Year Programme in Photojournalism, 2014-15
Mrinmoy was an earnest, sincere student at Udaan. Today he works in the editorial section of 'Asian Photography' magazine.
Lakshmi Anantnarayan
One Year Programme in Photojournalism, 2013-14
Always thinking and questioning the status quo, Lakshmi is a quintessential storyteller. No wonder she has co-founded 'Story Garage', a platform for producing effective communications for social change, along with her Udaan classmates, Niket and Alan.
Pavish Eswaran
One Year Programme in Photojournalism, 2015 -16
Intensely hardworking and always striving to capture the most impactful images, he was a prolific contributor to the student run ' Mumbai Weekly'. His brilliant imagery also made him the finalist of ' Nat Geo Cover Shot', a photography based reality show. 

At present he works for 'Asian Photography' where he shoots and writes for its editorial content.
Sumedh Sawant
One Year Programme in Photojournalism, 2012 -13
One of the youngest ever to join Udaan's professional course, but not less than any in way of enthusiasm and keenness to learn. He made it to the top five of the ' Nat Geo Cover Shot' Tv show.
Money Sharma 
Short term course in Photography
Left a plush job, to make his passion for photography into his profession. Brilliant with colours and composition, he went onto win the highly prestigious National Geographic Photography Competition, that enabled him to intern with the legendary wildlife photographer Steve Winters
Tejas Kudtarkar
Short term course in Photography
Tejas has a great eye to spot interesting images, even from the mundane. He went on to win the top spot in a photography competition from an image he shot during the course. In a short while he was working as a photographer with the Times of India. Today he has exclusively shot many top Indian celebrities and film personalities, that have adorned the pages of Times of India and Bombay Times
Dhwanil Mehta
Short term course in Photography
A keen photographer, today Dhwanil is a filmmaker, working with the top names of the Hindi film Industry.
Abhishek Chinnappa
One Year Programme in Photojournalism, 2013-14
Highly focussed, Abhishek was always clear about his goal. And today he shoots for Reuters in Bangalore, 
Monica Chaturvedi
One Year Programme in Photojournalism, 2013-14
Udaan is proud to have given many women photojournalists to the field, usually dominated by men. And Monica is one of the them who makes us proud. She is a full time photojournalist with Indian Express in Nagpur.
Agnur Hari Kiran 
One-year Programme in Commercial Photography, 2012-13
Temperate and clear-headed, Hari Kiran was a sincere student at Udaan. Today he is a successful professional photographer in Delhi.

commercial photography
"Udaan" as the name suggests was an important tool in shaping the creative minds of all those who has the passion and zest for photography...Nisreen

"I finally found Udaan where I felt I can place my best bets with...Annoda

"Udaan: Great institute for Photography enthusiast, the place and it's course get even better...Hetal Prajodh

"I enjoyed the course immensely for a number of reasons...Rohan

"It is a perfect place to learn photography, especially if you are passionate about pursuing it as a career...Ishaaq Petiwala
The answer is simple. It’s one of the biggest in India and perhaps the biggest
in Mumbai with a premise of over 10,000 square feet area, solely dedicated to photography. The regular faculty is vast
and comprises award winning photographers, including India’s only Pulitzer Prize nominee in Photography.   Added to it there have been many a
legend who have been visiting faculty
and guest speakers at Udaan. And most importantly the list of Udaan’s notable alumni is long and impressive.
Something we are very proud of....

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