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DSLR filmmaking in

DSLR filmmaking in
filmmaking  in Delhi
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  For all those passionate about Independent filmmaking, Udaan brings one of the most unique and exciting DSLR filmmaking courses. Keeping with the spirit of Independent filmmaking, Udaan's four-month weekend filmmaking course prepares the students to become complete filmmakers, who will be able to create professionally made films with highest production quality even on a limited budget. Professional filmmakers, cinematographers, sound designers , editors, etc, who are all working professionals in the film industry will guide and empower the students to create high-quality, broadcast standard films from their DSLR cameras with the effective use of knowledge and improvisation.

DSLR Filmmaking course begins 16th November 2013 in Kolkata


01) History of Film and Film Genres

02) Understanding Fiction-based Filmmaking and Documentary Filmmaking

03) Pre-Production
a) Script Writing
b) Storyboarding
c) Casting, Location Scouting, Scheduling etc

04) Production
a) Direction.
b) Working with Actors.
c) Working with DoP
d) Production Design.
e) Camera and Cinematography
f) Lights.
g) Sound Recording.
h) Difference in Production techniques for different genres
i) Documentary Filmmaking

05) Post Production
a) Editing.
b) Special Effects.
c) Sound Design
d) Music.

06) Screening , Packaging & Distribution for different markets and Film Festivals

- The entire course is very practical oriented with each student getting ample hands-on experience. The students will get to make and complete their own short films during the course.



The experienced faculty of Udaan brings to table, a melting pot of ideas and creativity that will enrich the student´┐Żs pursuit of photography.
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"Udaan" as the name suggests was an important tool in shaping the creative minds of all those who has the passion and zest for photography...Nisreen

"I finally found Udaan where I felt I can place my best bets with...Annoda

"Udaan: Great institute for Photography enthusiast, the place and it's course get even better...Hetal Prajodh

"I enjoyed the course immensely for a number of reasons...Rohan

Udaan aims to add wings to your dreams
in photography, irrespective of your final destination with your camera. That one thing that binds the student of Udaan is - passion for photography, and that's what inspires even the tutors at the school. Every student of Udaan, whatever be his
or her final aspiration, will be tutored by leading working professionals...
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